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Typing & Keyboarding

The #1 trusted name in typing Instruction is celebrating 25 years at the top of the charts! Mavis Beacon is the premier solution for learning essential keyboarding skills and improving overall typing efficiency. Whether you are a child or a child at heart, the mix of lessons and challenging games, will be sure to make the learning process fun and educational.

Typing & Keyboarding

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Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Powered by Ultrakey v2 - Family Edition
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Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Powered by UltraKey v2 - Personal Edition
Type better than ever with the all-new Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing! The newest Personal Edition has...
Mavis Beacon Keyboarding Kidz
Mavis and Dex are ready to help your child master the keys from A to Z! Created especially for kids by the...

Most jobs today require employees to use a computer for at least part of their duties if not all of them. Because of this, most people will need at least basic typing skills. Unless you learned to use a computer in school, it is likely that you have never had any formal training on typing. This is a commonly overlooked skill which can make a huge difference in your overall job performance. You can now download typing software and learn to type properly in just a few weeks. You can find these programs bundled with other educational software or as a stand-alone program. Regardless of which program you choose, it is a skill that will last you a lifetime and make you much more proficient when using a computer. Read more below about where to find the best typing software and programs available.

For those individuals who want to improve their skills and become a more valuable employee, learning to type properly is well worth the time it will take. The keyboarding software available today is interactive and fun so you do not feel like you are just doing the same repetitive task. In fact, many people find that it can actually be fun to learn how to type using certain high quality programs.

The most widely recognized name in typing software is Mavis Beacon. Typing classes throughout the world regularly use Mavis Beacon typing programs to help students young and old learn this vital skill. The reason this software is so recognized is because it is successful in helping people with no experience learn how to type, as well as helping those with experience improve their typing speed and accuracy.

Many people may joke and laugh about how bad they are at typing, but deep down inside they usually have a desire to be better. This program is configured in both English and Spanish so you can learn in either language. 

Mavis Beacon typing programs are a great way to improve your typing skills. Within a few weeks you will go from typing with one or two fingers to mastering the art of typing at a high speed with impressive accuracy. We also feature a Mavis Beacon typing program called Keyboarding Kidz, which is a great way for children to learn this valuable skill. By teaching children to type before they develop bad typing habits, you can quickly help them learn the proper way to type with great speed and accuracy.

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